Controlling Time in Uncontrollable Situations

How Ryan Savage and other Student-Athletes are able to manage their time during a Pandemic

Time management, it’s something that almost all American struggle with, ranging from teenager to fully grown adults, and as Director of Player Development for the UNR baseball team, Ryan Savage knows first hand the difficulty of having to balance a career with personal life and more importantly is in charge of the players and their growth throughout seasons. Savage’s job includes building relationships with players and earning their trust, meaning he is perfect in terms of being able to best explain how these students effectively manage their time during a Pandemic, which is why I was so lucky to be able to interview him even if it did have to happen over Zoom. And with the emergence of said Pandemic, managing time has become more difficult as athletes see the many privileges and benefits of playing team sports being taken from them.

As millions of people across the world struggle with properly managing time, Savage’s insight proves extremely beneficial as with many years of coaching and player development under his belt, he not only knows how to properly manage time himself but can also give incredible insight into how the College Athletes themselves manage their time and get their busy schedules done. This insight allows Savage to help those who can’t manage time well as he can give tips and tricks that are so simple even a College Student can figure it out.

In such a time of uncertainty one may think that time is the last thing they can control/manage, as with so much going on in the world right now, a person may feel like managing time isn’t all that important, but as Savage points out “Managing time isn’t just about getting good at managing different tasks”, instead he talks about how it more revolves around creating and developing healthy habits and routines that you can not only use to better manage time but can also be used to benefit you in your everyday life or in a career path you may decide to pursue. However developing these habits is not easy as Savage later pointed out, “It’s going to be difficult at first, you’re gonna find yourself wanting to go back to your old ways/habits, but you just have to power through and keep developing those new habits and soon enough you will see the change.” However, this perseverance or determination doesn’t come easy for some people and the presence of a pandemic only makes it more difficult. But as Savage has already pointed out, it’s simply about taking it day by day and doing better than you did the day before.

This Pandemic has pushed all of us to our limits and has made life extremely difficult for student-athletes across the country and they train and prepare for their respective sports all while trying to abide by Covid guidelines, doing this hasn’t been easy and has been a challenge for all the players with Savage saying “It was really difficult to deal with at first(Covid), not knowing if we were going to have a season while still having to prepare for one, but I couldn’t be prouder of these kids who came in every day ready to compete without ever using the Pandemic or anything else as an excuse.” The traits and levels of responsibility shown by these athletes was something that Savage saw as very compelling with him saying “It was honestly inspiring to see these kids continually come out with all that was going on and it makes me proud to say I had something to do with that.”

The players that Savage praise so highly look on in support of their teammates

Adversity is something we all deal with, and sometimes daily, but as Savage has already stated, setting healthy habits and routines at a young age can help better prepare you for whatever difficulties you may find yourself in, With Savage claiming that the traits and habits developed by these kids at such a young age will surely better prepare them for the real world as they already have healthy habits established. In all Time Management is something that all of us could probably improve on, and while it won’t be easy to start as Savage has made clear, it will help you develop good habits and techniques that you will be able to effectively use for the rest of your life.

1st year student at UNR majoring in Journalism